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How to Revive a Traditional Craftsmanship Threatened by Extinction?

Adalbert Raps Foundation

The challenge. Between 2004 and 2014, more than 4000 butcher shops were forced to shut down in Germany, according to their local association. Butchers face two main problems. The first one is a fierce competition with supermarkets. The second is very little interest from young people – might those be potential consumers or employees. The craftsmanship desperately needs a change, but butchers are a skeptical crowd, rarely open to external input.

The solution.* Instead of designing possible strategies to help the butchers, we created a platform that allows them to create their own revolution. The Trüffeljagd is an inspirational event which connects butchers with each other and with the most avant-garde makers of their field. It also provides them the tools to create new, user-centered products and services. On its way to the fifth edition, the Trüffeljagd had become an international movement in the defense of a more sustainable and responsible production and consumption of meat.

Learn more about it at: our TEDx talk video, the press coverage from the Tagesspiegel and Zitty Berlin or videos about the Trüffeljagd in Copenhagen and Berlin.

*This project was proudly developed in partnership with Olga Graf, from the agency J2C.

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